3D Animation

3D Animation

We are living in an era of limitless possibilities. The information age has helped us redefine our limits, especially our communication practices. Who would have thought we can make our drawings move? Who would have thought this can help our businesses grow? Know more about 3D animation benefits in business and why it is best for start-ups.
Custom 3D Animation as a Powerful Business Tool
Have you ever seen Renault’s brand film called The Postman? The film features a classic princess tale story with a punch of funny antics. This 90-second commercial was made by Akama and Paris Studio NKI for the brand’s line of electric vehicles. This commercial used 3D animation. Study.com defines 3D animation as the process of taking real 3D objects and shaping them into moveable, animated objects. Similarly, there are various types of 3D animation. Some of which are stop-motion and CGI. When used effectively, these 3D animation styles will surely hit its goals.
What makes a professional 3D video good for a company? Study suggests that the brain could process visuals 60,000x faster than texts. Consequently, this leads to the high retention rate of videos and images that we see each day. As a result, businesses who have used visuals in their promotion achieve higher retention to their audience. Therefore, creating an increase in their popularity and sales.
One of the many 3D video benefits is it gives comic relief in most instances which makes it interesting to viewers. Not to mention, these videos can be custom-made and are affordable for virtually everyone. This universal appeal creates a great impact, especially in promotion. Once you’ve got their interest, it is easier to introduce to them your products and services.
3D videos increase brand recognition. Any concept, presented as animated video, is more exciting and attracts public attention. Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read content. I think these animated videos can never be boring and can effectively convey messages while being affordable. Companies are banking on the power of social media. The primary business strategy is to promote its brands efficiently and interestingly. This can, of course, be achieved by creating animated videos for your business. Your brands can reach people quickly and easily. In this digital world, a corporate 3D Cartoon Animation video is the best way to promote your business. It encourages people to visit, shop and maintain your brand. This is the most desirable way to help your audience record this information. 3D videos are used to present their innovative and creative ideas.

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Business promotion is no longer the same. Marketing professionals around the world are always looking for new ways to promote their brands and businesses. One of the latest techniques to expand a business that has emerged recently is the use of short animated videos for business. If the video is not yet part of your marketing strategy, you’re walking up a blind alley. Your marketing department can propose triumphs with the correct product explainer video. This is the easiest way to attract users. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology, in 2000, the average duration of attention span was 12 seconds, and in 2013 – 8 seconds. This tells us how important it is for brands to convey their corporate message and advertise their product using 3D Cartoon Animation video. Not only are people primarily visual learners, but they also save 68% more video information than text.
If your site decided to select a 3D Cartoon Animation video to promote its business, then there is a possibility that you end up earning the best points with the search engines that your competitors that are still in the old school to support their brands. Having a product explainer video on your home page of your company will allow your target customers to access your brand and product, which will make them interested in your product and, finally, they will continue to buy it. Adding animated videos about your product is one of the best ways to improve conversions and increase the presence and visibility of the web. People refer to videos that have no other means, so the video can help you leave the impression of your target customers.
Have you ever tried to submerge your target customers with elaborate explanations of your product? It never works, is not it? Try to send your message to a possible customer base through the business animated video, and they will be all ears. With a short 3D video, you can send information in an orderly and easy way for everyone to receive it. The video will explain the product and how it works much more easily than written content, bar graphs, pie charts or static images. Communicating your vision and thoughts through business animated videos is a must today.
One of the most common ways your target customers use your product or services is to search for it online. The product explainer video can quickly appear in all search results. So, your target customers can find out more about your product. Social media can affect Google’s natural search results and may also be the starting point for your website or promotional page. The 3D Cartoon Animation video gets a high ranking in the Google results. LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and other networks are also readily available, and your product explainer video can find a place on one of these networks, and it will not take time to become word-of-mouth.
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