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Explainer Videos

The animation is just another form of art that developed over time alongside the growth of films. This means when films started to become more technically advanced there was a need to elaborate them visually and aesthetically. Initially, it was only experimental to make drawings move on the screen. Hence, Animated explainer videos were born. Chances are that you have heard about the new hype train in town and want to hop on it. What is that hype train? Explainer videos! And rightfully so, given its massive benefits! But more on this later.
So, you’ve heard about explainer videos, every business is raving about it, therefore you decide to get a piece of it. Fun fact, did you know 87% of the businesses are using explainer videos to boost their sales?
Anyway, first let’s figure out what an animated explainer video actually is? An animated explainer video is just one of the many types of explainer videos that thousands of companies are investing in.
Explainer videos have proven time and again, to be an effective and affordable way of communicating with the audience. If a company releases a new product or launches a new service, they make a custom explainer video on it which conveys the intended message to the viewer effortlessly and in a short amount of time!
The Importance of Explainer Videos:
Animated explainer videos are the most popular form of explainer videos as they are extremely fun to watch, which means they are also very engaging, which in turn means that your viewer sits through the entire video, digesting all the information. And what does that ultimately mean? High conversion rate. A thing which every new and small business struggle with. So why are animated explainer videos more popular than the rest? Apart from their high engaging rate, they are also affordable.
Animated videos are a little more complex to make than whiteboard animation or kinetic typography, hence they are also a tad bit expensive. But they are good value for money because of their reasonably sized return on investment (ROI).
But that’s only when an animated explainer video is done right. Speaking of which, let’s see what makes an explainer video good for your company.
A professional explainer video pinpoints and highlights the basic points making complex ideas user-friendly. This gives the viewer a better idea as to what the company stands for, its competencies, nature of work and the products/services provided. Whereas the production of a branding video just glamorizes your content which creates awareness of your brand, but it is lacking when it comes to explaining the core of your business. The idea behind a professional explainer video is way bigger than a branded video. It conveys why a business exists.
The script is where you need to sit with your team and brainstorm about what you want to put in your video. It’s often advised that the company makes the script as a professional scriptwriter won’t know your company as well as you do. The length of an explainer video is very important, so you have to make sure that your script is not redundant and that it serves the purpose of your video in the shortest time possible!
As mentioned above, the length of the video is extremely important. It’s what decides if the viewer is going to stay put until the end of the video or not. Conversion rates tend to be higher if the customer watches the full video! It’s suggested that the video should be kept under the 2-minute mark as 77% of the people are going to watch it till the end. After the 2-minutes are up, the percentage drops down to 57%!
One of the core principles of marketing is to market to your target audience and a good agency knows it as much as you do. We cannot stress how important this point is for every company. No matter how many times a man is advertised a pair of heels, do you think he’ll buy it? Always keep your audience in mind while scripting and animating. If your animated explainer video misses its mark, then all your hard work and thousands of dollars are going to go down the drain. What a horrible thought!
Okay imagine you’re watching a movie, but the audio is really bad! It’s all static and unprofessional and it’s frustrating for you to even watch it. Your whole experience will be ruined. The same goes for explainer videos. The voiceover is what’s guiding your viewer throughout the whole video. If it’s distracting or unprofessional, then your viewer won’t be able to concentrate on what really matters; the message of your explainer video! That just defeats the whole purpose of it, doesn’t it?
Making a custom explainer video is like baking a cake. Even if one ingredient is missing, it’s going to fall apart and not look very appealing. This is one example of a well-rounded animated explainer video.
Now that you know what an explainer video is, you need to know how it helps your business. Because ultimately that’s the whole point of it. A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to reaching the right audience. An animated explainer video simplifies your business and shares it with the right audience. This not only impacts your sales but is also quite promising for your image and market share.
So, if you’re looking for a corporate video made to match your business needs, then you’ve arrived at the right house. HoneyBump is the agency that brings your video ideas to life with our highly qualified team. With expert production, we’ll ensure that your video gets the job done for you.

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